Saturday, September 4, 2010

I got my cast off!! School starts soon

 Rooney keeping watch over me. (With his eyes closed)
Yay....I got my cast off on Monday! I now can scratch my ankle as much as  I want. Aaahhhhhhh!!! That feels sooo good! I washed it and got a lot of the dead skin off and it looks pretty good. I do miss the stylish purple and pink of my cast though the "boot" is black, which goes with my usual black attire but isn't showy like the cast. But, I find the boot much easier to get around. I still can't put weight on my leg for 1 month, but I balance much better with the boot when I'm using crutches. So it is getting easier with each new development. I don't know how long before I can drive. But, honestly, I'm going crazy being stuck at home all the time so I may have to drive with my left foot.
School starts in about another week. I went to Beverly Hills to see the new classroom that they've assigned to me. This is truly a new thing since I've been in the Scout House for years and I'm quite fond of it. Some don't appreciate it's charm much, but I like it. Yet, of all the times to change rooms, when I can't move any of my things from one to the other. And the new classroom is #121at the High School where it's really uphill from the parking. I don't know how I'm going to wheel myself in the wheelchair to get there. I will go with the flow, and make the best of it. In the end I think it will be great!

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