Thursday, August 26, 2010

I haven't been able to go to Costco

So this morning I had to brush my teeth with Crest Sparkles that taste like bubble gum. I searched through all my drawers, through all my travel cases, through all the brick-a-brack that is in the bottom of the cupboard and finally I found a promotional pack from the dentist, Eureaka!!!!!! At least it didn't pop and sparkle in my mouth, which I was prepared for. But, desperate times call for desperate measures! All this is because I haven't been to Costco since May. I usually buy a 6 pack once or twice a year and I never even think about not having toothpaste or new toothbrush when I need it.
I don't have any of the yellow and green sponges that I clean and do dishes with. But, since I'm not doing many dishes or cleaning I don't think to have someone buy them. Paper towels and toilet paper are a given, yet Ray just buys a few rolls at a time from the neighborhood market, which is more expensive but it comes with the added bonus of fitting under the cupboard without stuffing them under every cupboard and closet to leaving the massive pack in the bathtub because I don't have anywhere to store that much paper.
We all have a routine that keeps the house running smoothly and we don't think about those things much. But, I am compiling a list of things that we've completely run dry. I'm hoping to get my husband to take me over there just so I can wander around and look at "stuff". But, my husband isn't much for window shopping or just wandering around a store, unless it's the 99¢ Store. (Don't get me started on that!) "Well, it was only 99¢!" is the answer to all my questions or accusations. So besides laying around I'm having "withdrawal" symptoms of time to myself just wandering around a store or mall. Actually, I never go to the mall, I'm happy walking around Costco and ending the trip with a hotdog and beverage, and my favorite "VeryBerry Sundae." So we'll see, I won't be in this cast forever! (Or will I?)

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