Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Cast or ugly sock?

I realize that its pretty lame to talk about my broken ankle and the idea that I have to tell people that I got a new cast, but in a world that is as limited as mine at present, it's as exciting as getting a new pair of  Jimmy Choos. (Not that I've ever had anything even close to designer shoes) (When Jimmy Choo starts making orthopedic type shoes, I'll be first in line) So when I picked out a nice purple for my new cast (in honor of Karin Gable) and Henry, the cast maker, suggested a stripe of my bright pink so that I could keep my pink toenails and not have to get a new pedi, I agreed. Somehow, I didn't really picture how that would look, but I'm good for a little "change up". But, when he was finished it looked a little like Pippy Longstockings! Oh, well! I have a sense of humor and it is rather humorous. So I'll probably be fielding "ugly socks" jokes. Or ugly sock jokes. It's a good thing my hair is really short and won't go into turned up pig-tailed braids.
I want you to sympathize with me. I realize it's in bad taste to post this picture. So close your eyes if you can't take it.

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