Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What important things I should do while I rest

Now, I'm thinking, maybe there's something to this broken leg stuff. Marci brought me a chicken pot pie from Marie Callendars. I've been craving a chicken pot pie since I saw a commercial on t.v. I was getting kind of antsy thinking that I can't just get into the car and get something that I want that bad when Marci said she'd get it for me and bring it over. Well now......that was cool. So then my friend and student Lynn said she would visit on Monday and sent me the menu from Mendocino Farms and said to let her know what I wanted and she'd come over after work to eat with me. She also brought my favorite dessert that she bakes from time to time. It's a jelly roll type cake with a dollop of cherries in the middle. She puts them in individual cupcake papers and stacked nicely in a container. This time her mom made them for me. Mmmmmmm that will last for a few days. Abigail is coming tonight with a "snack" and Judy said she'd bring me lunch on Thursday. If I play my cards right I could be eatin' well for the duration!!!! Wait I forgot, Lisa is making cupcakes for tomorrow. I may be on to a "racket" ............

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