Sunday, June 20, 2010

things to do while you are laid up with a broken leg

Thursday my friend and fellow studio group pal, Janet Martorello, came by to "be my servant". We spent the day with "Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Mudras, Meditation and Massage". She did healing methods on me that I'd never even heard of. But, I have to thank her for the care and time that she spent with me. She returned last night to "finish the job" by bringing vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera Gel from Trader Joes. She applied this to the blister on my ankle, hopefully it will heal quickly. I think the blister came from an abrasion from the fall.
But the question is, how do I get through 3 months with my sanity and still do the things that I can do from the confines of my home? JoEllen brought me a wheel chair, raised toilet seat and shower chair. Okay, how is it when I'm glad to have a raised toilet seat?....REALLY.........I remember when my elderly aunt fell and broke a hip and she's had a raised toilet seat ever since. I thought at the time, "OMG, I hope I don't live long enough to need something like that." But, I thought I would like to live longer than my 55 years, so I guess I'm going to have to use the raised toilet seat and eat my words! I'm finding that the things that I mocked in "old people" are catching up with me far too soon! Yet, the raised toilet seat helps me get off the toilet when you absolutely can't put any weight on one of your legs. My left knee is getting very tired of taking the weight from getting up and down. So I'm very grateful for the raised toilet seat.

I went to studio group yesterday at Francine's house. We did these fan pages as a collaborative project. I used my computer chair to get to the front door, my crutches to the car, Nancy Campbell brought her mother's old wheel chair to get from the car into Francine's and then crutches to get back in the car. Crutches to go back into my house,  I nearly fell up the stairs again on my way in. So Geri Bieber was behind me and Ray was in front of me as I went up the steps. Apparantly, I need to go back on YOU TUBE and watch that video again on how to walk and do stairs with crutches. Honestly, I don't know how anybody gets around on them, seriously, there must be as many injuries from crutches as there are from skiing or tripping on stairs!! Anyway, I decided I'd better do some weight lifting and exercising because I was completely exhausted and winded from getting out of the car to the house. I was so glad when I plopped down on my computer chair and pushed my way to the bedroom. Ray made me some microwave popcorn that Neala had given me and a cold diet coke and I was feeling pretty good, to be left alone with Rooney stuck to my side!
Now, let me just calculate what I have here. I have 2 borrowed wheel chairs (one for the car and one for the house) one pair of crutches (my own) one walker (the kind old people walk around with) (sans the tennis balls on the legs) I draw the line there.....ya right, how many times am I going to have to move the line that I won't step over! I digress......another walker with brakes and a seat, a rickety shower chair, a better shower chair waiting to be sanitized, a chair in the shower that got hauled in from the backyard when my rickety shower chair didn't work out, a comode to put over the toilet that has handles so when my other knee goes out I can lift myself off the toilet. Maybe I should just stop eating and drinking so I won't have to use the toilet, that seems like it would do away with a lot of superfluous furnishings.
On this Father's Day, I wish my brothers and brothers-in-law a good day. I remember my own dear dad and hope my husband has a good day living down his support of the Celtics among a city of Laker fans. And I'll watch old movies on TCM and wait for Marci Donley to bring lunch and visit for a while. Please feel free to send any suggestions for living with a cast on your leg and and other interesting things to do during the summer with a leg disability.

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