Thursday, June 17, 2010

Broken Leg Details

Hi All,
I wanted to update you all about my condition. I was so happy and enthusiastic about coming to class on June 7th. I had a car-full to bring and share with you all. So as I was going down the steps to my car, I missed the step and fell on my chest. As my leg flew over my body and landed on a bench in my front steps, I got a glimpse of it and I immediately knew that the rest of the day was going to be ruined!!! OMG, I thought, "I'm not going get out of this day without a lot of pain". It's a terrible realization. My husband was helping me put stuff in the car so when he came back and saw me on the ground he asked if I was okay and I said, "look at my ankle". No more explanation was needed. He said, "should I call 911?" I said, "call 911 then call my school so they can call the students before they leave for class" I couldn't think of the number to the school's office so I got into my purse that was on the ground beside me and dialed the office and told them to call you all so you wouldn't be standing out on the porch wondering what happened to me. So when Judy called and I saw it was her on my phone I answered it thinking she was going to ask how I was doing and she didn't know anything about my accident. She said there is a note on the door that says class was canceled but didn't know anything more. I was kinda mad that they didn't say more than that. Besides who knows if that note was for you or for the other class that meets there, right? I wanted you all to know that I wouldn't have missed the class for anything other than an emergency. Then a little while later I called Judy back to see if someone could open the door and you could meet anyway and have the pot luck lunch. She said that everyone had gone home and she was on her way home. So there you go. I spent the entire morning, afternoon, and night in the ER at Marina Hospital and UCLA Santa Monica. I got home around midnight. It required one "set" and "splint" in Marina and 3 MORE "set and splint" in UCLA. Yikes! by the time they were going to do the 4th set, I had lost all my sense of humor, and told them that I was going to "go to my happy place" and they would have to do all the twisting and turning without me. This time it was the thumbs up after the x-rays. And I was sent home. I needed my daughter and grandson to get me up the "dreaded steps" and all I wanted to do is take a pill and go to sleep for the next 3 months. No....unfortunately I woke up at 8 am the next morning. And I've been waking up every other morning to the realization that my summer plans are shot! My Alaska cruise is off and I won't be able to go for my usual month in Utah. So, I am laying in bed with my leg elevated and on ice. The Dr. said that he couldn't do the surgery to put pins and screws into the bones until all the swelling had gone down. Otherwise, the healing is very poor and we don't want to have that, do we? So, I'm being good, trying not to obsess over the "confines" of a hard cast and "what if it really itches and I can't scratch it?" I am sure I will go insane!!! So I think I will post how I'm doing on the blog and any other ridiculous thoughts that will cross my mind while I waste away my favorite time of the year. SUMMER. Write to me or come visit. Love, DeAnn

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