Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lets just say.......

You know just about the time I start wallowing in my bad fortune I learn of the fatal car accident that killed one of the lovely ladies that has been a part of the Society for Calligraphy. Carrie Imai called me and said that her longtime friend and student, Lois Graver, died on Monday after a speeding car hit her car in an intersection in the valley. She was coming home from yoga. Just like I was coming down the steps of my own house, a split second changed our lives. But, at least I have a life to still live. Lois was killed and there were a number of others injured in this morning accident. I don't know all the details but her funeral will be today in Northridge. (link to article in newspaper)    Once I understood a little more about this I decided to SHUT MY MOUTH about being badly done to. This family won't get their wife and mom back and at least I can lay around all summer and probably be as good as new at some point. So for today, I feel damn lucky that all I did is break my ankle with no head or other injuries and my deepest, deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Lois. Let's all be grateful for today and every day.

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