Saturday, September 26, 2009

Westchester Adult School new collaborative Project

Sept 22, 2009
The intermediate class came up with a wonderful idea for a collaboration. Because the class is small we have put together a project that will compel us to complete the assignments and do our best work. 
THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE MISSING FROM CLASS. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) Please come back, this is going to be sooo good! 
We are going to do 4 pages of art and calligraphy based on the ALPHABET. Our subject (the alphabet) can mean anything that you come up with that tells about an alphabet or a letter or one page could be an alphabet. There are many, many possibilities!!! Then we will copy all the pages so everyone will have a copy of each other's  pages. The size will be 11" x 17"finished page size. We will fold that in half and bind them into an accordion style. It is possible that you could have gate folds that when folded down still creates the 11x17 size. Some of the hints and tips to think about that I listed on the board are: cut outs, fold outs, inclusions (attached stuff to the page),  The paper can be anything you want as long as it will fold nicely to bind. Keep in mind that we will copy these so make the design and colors that will copy. You can make copies yourself or we can take them to Staples or Kinkos to copy. Everyone will share in the cost of copying. In one of these projects I painted a big piece of paper and xeroxed the writing onto the painted paper. This way it's almost an original for each copy. 
Join us, soon while there is still time!

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