Saturday, September 26, 2009

Westchester Adult School new beginning class

Sept. 22, 2009
The beginning class was small today so I gathered everyone around my table and I could see what they were writing and they could see what I was writing. It was terrific! No one could make mistakes without me noticing.  We worked with grid paper and pencil and are learning step by step what the italic lowercase really looks like. The techniques I was teaching will apply to copperplate as well. We really emphasized the skill of "drawing" what you see. This will help in any style of writing that you chose to learn. I had everyone color in the triangle that is created when a branching stroke leaves the stem and touches the waist line. This is the same triangle when the "u" stroke leaves the baseline and goes to the stem on the up stroke. They should be the same. We worked on getting them the same. This is half the battle if you understand this element. If you haven't joined the class and you still would like to, please join! This is REALLY good! It's the only class I have that is truly Beginning! 

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