Thursday, October 1, 2009

Westchester Adult School beginning class

We finished the alphabet today. Everyone worked letter by letter and we were sure to get each letter just right. We are still working with a pencil at 1 inch x-height. Then we worked on spacing between letters.
Vertical + vertical = farthest apart = the inside space of n
Vertical + curve = closer
Curve + curve = closest
Spacing is more important than the construction and accuracy of the individual letters. Overall good spacing will let the writing have a good rhythm and texture. We need to remember that each letter is basically the same size. We are going for "picket fence" spacing. Even space throughout. The assignment is to make up words to write keeping the spacing even. No dark spots of light areas. Practice and after writing some words, turn the paper upside down and see if it has even texture and "color". Look at it in the mirror. I like to squint my eyes down tight so all I can see is the "color" of the writing and it will show you if some are too dark or too light. When you practice, put in margin lines, be deliberate with every stroke. You are REHEARSING for the performance....don't take practice lightly! Here are some pictures of the demonstration in class.

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