Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beverly Hills Journaling Class

Journaling Lesson Sequence and Thoughts

So you’re not an artist. You don’t draw, paint, sketch, or even doodle well enough for a Post-It note. Have no fear. Your journals are an expression of your personal vision, private places to create as you see fit. Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel intimidated when you see other artist’s journals. Remember that your personal books are not finished artwork. They’re not about the results as much as they are about process. Your journals are along for the journey whether you’re the Da Vinci or, like the rest of us, your’re not.
Making Memory Books and Journals by Hand


If you’re creating a journal specifically to document your personal history, you may find these types of books inspirational. Many contain s prompts to get the creative juices flowing . Try creating your own personal prompts such as the ones listed below. Keep your list somewhere in your journal to get you motivated when you find yourself staring at the blank page.
Once again, I don’t know what to write..
The last time this happened I….

This is who I am today…
This is what I did today….
This is what I like best/least about this (journal, pen, day, place, house, life, body)….
I keep journals because…
I wish I was…/ I’m glad I’m not…
If I could write in my journal to anyone it would be…
The next artistic technique I’m going to attempt in my journal is…..
The best thing about my journal is…

  1. Transfer Technique:
Materials needed: regular acetone, Chart-Pak burnisher, removable scotch tape, paper to use as a cushion, a glass container to put the acetone into. You must use a color or black and white Xerox or laser copy. It needs to be toner not from an inkjet printer. If the copy has lettering or needs to be printed in a particular direction then make the copy in the “mirror” image so when it prints it will be in the correct direction.
  1. Making a handmade journal. (closed: 5x7 or 8.5x11”)
Bring papers of different colors and textures also maps add a nice touch. We will combine them into a simple multi-signature binding. We will sew them with a 3-hole pamphlet stitch. I’ll bring some Tyvek to make the covers. If you have acrylic paint or ink, bring that with you along with large brushes and old credit cards or similar type tool to spread the paint. If you want thread that is colored bring that or embroidery thread. I have some colors and plain.

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