Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alaska Cruise Today

Today was going to be the first "real cruise" that I had ever gone on. And in honor of this occasion I watched Sleepless in Seattle because we were to fly to Seattle this morning where we embark on the cruise ship Sapphire Princess for a 7 day trip to Alaska. And since we won't be going to Alaska I watched The Proposal which is filmed in Sitka Alaska. Yes, I feel that the substitution was quite fulfilling because I've only seen each movie 19 or 20 times each. I just felt that it was important to point this all out to myself so that I don't lose the "vacation" aspect of it all. Ray went to work, so he's given up on the "vacation" aspect and my sister Allyson and husband, Dan went camping in Bryce Canyon in honor of their vacation. They, too, were going on the cruise but were disappointed by the turn of events. Oh well, the weather today is rather gray, not unlike Seattle and maybe I'll have Hailey (my daughter) bring me fish and chips from Jack in the Box  to make me feel like I'm at the wharf. Whenever I used to go to Seattle I'd go to this really good fish and chips place on the docks that had the best clam chowder ever, I forget the name. (Something like Ivar's) We'd go to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop to see a real mummified man in a glass case and the Lords Prayer on a grain of rice. Sure was looking forward to that!
Things are moving along well though. My ankle is reducing in size and is ready for phase 2 and the screws and pins will be placed in the bones on Tues. I will be in the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital for a couple of days then hopefully the healing will begin and I will be on the road to recovery! Yes!! I'm not sure how Rooney is going to take all this. He has become so co-dependent on me that he may need to go on Prozac because of separation anxiety. I'm still eating well and am well attended. Judy P. brought me 2 novels and  Su Doku For Dummies (to keep my brain from going to mush from watching rerun movies on t.v.) TOO LATE! She brought a chicken salad from the new "Pit Fire Pizza," YUM! Judy S. brought a supermex burrito from Paco's Tacos. My personal favorite place! That was good for both lunch and dinner on Friday. Then Lisa came with her cupcakes so we all told stories about surgery and injury and ate cupcakes. DELISH'  I've been snacking on fresh boysenberries from Utta's garden all week long. Debra, long lost Debra, came over with salad and Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade for a Saturday lunch and visit. She's been very busy with family for the last few years so it was great to see her again. So ALL IS WELL. It may be different then expected but it's all still very good! I'm completely blessed to have such nice friends and family to take care of me under these circumstances. My love and thanks go out to all of you that have sent cards and helped me during this time and I will continue to encourage and enjoy your visits and food.

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