Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calligraphic Techniques Class at Sinai Temple starting 5/13/13

We will be doing some very fun and useful techniques for backgrounds of calligraphy.

In this 6-week course, students will learn 5 different calligraphic background techniques during the first 5 weeks. The 8 1/2 x 11 pages will be folded in half and the instructions for that particular technique are written in the student’s choice of calligraphic hand. Then in the last class, these pages will be bound into a book.

In addition to these techniques if you want to work on COPPERPLATE we will work on that also.

The following are materials you’ll need for the first class. We’ll be cutting the papers to use for both the different techniques and for the book covers. These papers will be available for sale at the first class.

Materials students should bring every week (in addition to their usual basic calligraphy tools):
* X-acto knife with #11 blade (like the one we use in class or snap-off blade craft knife (e.g.
* Cutting mat (e.g.
* Metal ruler, at least 24” long  (e.g.
* Bone folder  (e.g.
* Extra paper for more practice – should be cover weight absorbent paper with some texture (for best results)
* Dappen dish is a small container to put ink in. (optional) (e.g.

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We'll also learn the saran wrap method the first week. The materials needed for the first class are:

* Saran Wrap or similar plastic wrap (whatever you use at home)
* Watercolors, gouache, colored ink, including metallic; acrylic inks also OK
* Large brush, at least 1-inch, or sponge brush. Doesn’t have to be a good brush, painter’s brush (e.g. synthetic wash brush or flat brush
* 2 water containers (clean/dirty)
* Spray bottle
* Newspaper (to lay out papers to dry)
* Extra paper for more practice – should be cover weight absorbent paper with some texture for best results. (Sundance paper from Kelly Paper works well)

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