Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 15, 2010: BHAS Last Class

Beverly Hills Adult School Class #7: This is the final class of the semester and we had a potluck. DeAnn reviewed everyone's final projects, in whatever state they were in. Then she helped individual students with specific issues.

DeAnn's tip: Date every piece you create on the back. Other information you may want to include: nib size, type of ink/medium, purpose or reason for project.

Some useful tips from students for working on the illuminated manuscript project:

  1. Once you've finalized your decorate capital and surrounding decorative elements, copy it to experiment with different color combinations and/or practice various background patterning techniques.
  2. Once you've written out your text, copy it and cut it out into lines. As you write the final version on the pergamenata, remove each line from the paste-up as you go so you won't accidentally re-write a line you've already written. Another related tip: use a post-it to mark which line you're on.
  3. Copy the project template or your own lined paper onto your own paper for practicing.

Next semester DeAnn will be teaching copperplate. Spring semester starts 4/5/10.

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