Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gilding Notes Beverly Hills Nov. 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

Beverly Hills Adult School Class #8: Today DeAnn had us make some adhesive and put gold leaf on the “S” from last week’s example.
Recipe for adhesive for flat gilding
2/3 part Sobo glue
1/3 part Water
Make in small jar
Add a tiny amount of red or orange watercolor to tint it lightly so that you can see where you’ve painted the glue. Red or orange color will enhance the gold color.
Steps to illuminate the sample “S”:
1. Make adhesive
2. Paint the “S” or the Background
3. Use the #1 brush to paint the glue onto the “S”
4. Paint 3 VERY thin layers. Try to keep them smooth. Cover the pencil line.
5. Rinse brush frequently (reminder: 2 containers of water, one for dirty, one for clean).
6. Prepare gold leaf: if desired, cut into a smaller piece with “gold only” scissors that have been cleaned with silk.
7. Breathe on the adhesive to rehydrate, then place the gold leaf on it. Press gently but don’t rub; rubbing may break the gold.
8. Remove excess gold with a soft brush.
9. Burnish gold with burnisher over glassine. However, if you’re using an agate burnisher, you can burnish directly on the gold leaf.
10. Clean edges by scraping with an X-acto with the #16 blade.
11. Paint background of the gold “S” with gouache (choose a color that will make the gold “pop”; e.g. yellow is not a good choice.)
12. Once you’re done painting, outline the gold “S” with the Micron Pigma 005 pen.
HOMEWORK: Continue working on your project and also the sample “S” illumination.

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