Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beginners Material List

Material List

For 1st Semester Beginners

DeAnn Singh

Don’t substitute supplies listed below before checking with the teacher. Most art stores offer student discounts. You must ask BEFORE you check out. Carry your registration form with you as your student I. D. I will have materials to purchase during 1st class of the semester. If you have supplies bring them to class and I’ll check them out.

1. Nibs-Speedball B series: B1 and B5 1/2 or 1 large & 1 small (Gothic won’t need B nibs)

Brause: 1mm, 1 1/2mm, 2 1/2mm, 5mm.

left handers: Oblique Mitchell Rexell nibs for left handers number

1 1/2, 2 1/2, 4, Speedball C-0 Oblique and the two Speedball B series

nibs listed above. (Gothic won’t need B nibs)

2. Pen holder-1 Brause pen holder with one flat side (you can put a nib in both sides).

3. Ink- (black)such as:Higgins Eternal and 1 colored ink- such as: Calli

4. Paper-Beinfang 8X8 cross section grid paper 17”x 22” tablet.

*Don’t get “Clear Print”

5. Drawing board- 20” x 24” Masonite or drawing board.

6. Blotter paper-(optional) for your drawing board for cushioning.(optional)

7. Ruler- Plastic C-thru 18” x 2” ruler with cross section grid.

8. Pounce- (optional) Get only if the paper resists the ink.

9. Ink well “Inky Dinks” (purchase in class)

10. Rag- big enough to wipe up spills, and absorbent to wipe nibs.

11. Masking tape- or drafting tape, to tape down ink & hang up work.

12. Folder and Note paper- Pocket folder for handouts and notebook paper to take notes during class. I recommend a Sketch book to keep long term notes.

13. Pencil and eraser

14. Scissors

15. 1 or 2 Dropper Bottles. Put your inks into these. This is cleaner and more efficient.

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