Monday, June 15, 2009

(Final) Class of Copperplate for June 8, 2009 at Beverly Hills.

Today DeAnn encouraged everyone to experiment with different pens and markers to address envelopes in fun ways.  She “drew” names in Copperplate with markers & filled in the thicks with different colors. Then she wrote the address in monoline. 

Tip:  If you feel the envelope looks “plain” or “boring”, draw decorative horizontal lines above and/or below the names. Metallic gold lines look especially nice.

Flourishing:  The 3 elements are Figure 8, Oval, and Circle. Direction changes are small loop, full stop, and turnarounds.  Think of the flourishing around a name as the “doily” surrounding the solid name. If you see a gap in the flourishing, add an individual flourish to balance it.

Then we had our potluck and wished everyone a great summer!


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