Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuesday May 19 Westchester

Westchester Tuesday, May 19, 2009
It is a pleasure to come into class and listen to “Mozart” and write pretty copperplate writing. We wrote on color paper with gouache, watercolor or ink. Everyone is working on a poem using the small (1/8th inch) guidelines. Most copperplate is written at this small size. The large writing is usually for embellishment, titles or flyers, otherwise most is written very small.
We learned how to paint flowers last week that are “dot” flowers originated by Etchie Mura at the County of Los Angeles Graphic Arts. We incorporated these flowers into the design of the piece.
The roman capital people also combined these flowers into their graphite pencil pieces. The result of the graphite and watercolor was stunning!
This week we critiqued the pieces from last week and I used some of the work to demonstrate how to add leaves and other embellishments to enhance the designs. Wow, some were really gorgeous! I wish I could figure out how to up load the pictures so you could see them.  The homework is to create pieces of artwork with good materials, writing text on good paper. Remember, this kind of practice is a “Rehearsal” for the performance. So you want to work with the same materials that you would use for the “real” thing. And if it turns out well it could “be” the original finished piece.

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