Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 11, 2009 Materials and Media

Class of Copperplate for May 11, 2009 at Beverly Hills.
Today we experimented with different inks on different papers. Types of ink used:  Daler Rowney Pearlescent, FW Acrylic Artists Ink, Dr. Ph Martin Spectralite, Calli, Pelikan 4001, Rotring Artist Color Opaque. Use different nibs to write on papers with different textures. Label nib & ink on each writing sample and record observations.  For example:

Shiny paper: may need sharp nib
Textured paper: need smooth nib

Using Colored Inks:
1.   Stir bottle with end of pen holder
2.   Put some ink into your inkwell with a pipette
3.   1/2 Vermillion with 6 drops of Higgins Eternal = sepia (brown)

DeAnn gave us each an antique pre-World War II nib, either the Hunt 56 (similar to Gillot 404), Hunt 22 (similar to Gillot 303), or Hunt 30EF.

1.          Sharp nib needed for shiny paper.
2.         Sharp nib not good for rough paper.
3.         Sharp nib makes better thins.
4.         Sharp nib makes better thin/thick contrast.
5.         Dull nib better for rough paper.
6.         Dull nib not good for shiny or plate finish paper.
7.          Dull nib needs more pressure on down strokes to get contrast between thick & thin.
8.         Flexible nib better for large writing.
9.         Stiff nib better for small writing (some exceptions) 303, EF66
10.     Stiff nibs can write faster (1068)
11.      EF66 best for BIG writing
12.     EF66 & 303 write small very well. Keep pressure very light.
13.     Pearlescent – good for copperplate; Calli – bad; Vermillion Yasutomo – good; Black Yasutomo – fair; Higgins Eternal with gum Arabic – fair; Pelikan 4001 – bad;

Types of nibs (with Gillot 404 as the standard of medium flexible, medium sharp):
Dull:  Hiro 41, Gillot 1068
Sharp:  Hiro 40 (Blue Pumpkin), Gillot 303, Brause EF66
Flexible:  Gillot 303, EF66, Hiro 40
Stiff:  Gillot 1068, Mitchell Copperplate, Hiro 41

DeAnn likes the Mitchell Copperplate nib because it’s sharp and strong, and lasts a long time.

Waterproof inks:  FW, Calli, Ph Martin

Homework for this week:  Try to write on all the papers with all the nibs; record your observations on what works & doesn’t work.  Then, write with the small guide (1/8” x-height). Try the sepia ink. Suggestion: write song lyrics or poetry to get a mix of uppercase & lowercase.

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