Monday, April 20, 2009

Assignments for classes week of April 20, 2009

Hi Folks,
I want to try and blog the assignments that took place this week so you can get the homework for next week. Today in Beverly Hills we went over the strokes of copperplate again. Remember to memorize the strokes according to the exemplar. Make all the white space of the strokes the same.
* Check the white space of #2, #3, #4, #8. They should all be similar.
 *Make all the down strokes the same widths. 
*I tested everyone to see if they had the strokes memorized.
We then combined the strokes into letters. Look at the exemplar that says, "Stroke Sequence"
This will show you letter by letter how to combine the strokes to create each letter. Also the Exemplar that is in color has a different color for each stroke. This will help you see each part separately. There are a few letters that don't fit into the regular strokes, these are; k, r, s, x, z. We learned each letter and compared to the size and spacing of each letter before it. The k is a #7, 5, upstroke for next part and down for the last stroke. Remember, if it's thin, it's an up stroke, if it's thick, it's an down stroke. Look at the other letters and do them the best you can. ****The homework for this week is to use all the different nibs to write letters. Don't skip ahead, just write the letters. When you write with different nibs, be sure to label on your paper which nib that your using. This is how you will learn how each nib performs. It's as important to know how the nibs work as it is to be able to write each letter. Write with Vermillion ink. It works the best so you won't have to struggle with that aspect. Look to see if you are holding the nib correctly. In future I'll be able to add pics to this information. I will post more if I get the chance. so check from time to time.

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